My yoga journey...

I discovered yoga a few years back when I walked into a Bikram Yoga class. It was fun, people exercising and stretching but it did not mean much to me, there was something still missing for me. I never gave up :). One day I signed up for 8 classes of Hatha Yoga with a community college, that's how and when  the magic happened!. During my first class, I was immediately touched by the profound experiences of awareness; there was no ego but only humility within my body, mind and my breath. I discovered how to accept that beautiful imperfection of my own self as Yoga helps me not to run away from or become overwhelmed by tricky emotions. I have never looked back and have practiced since. Through my daily practice I acknowledge Yoga with it's beauty; those usual experiences with my physical body and mind. I now remain constantly in tune with myself,  Am I standing or sitting nice and tall?, Am I tense in the shoulders?, Am I focusing?. Amazingly now I am also able to tell myself that there's a time to stop, take a break and breathe. This is moving to a different layer of my own being!. One of my teachers said to me one day...'When you are breathing, you are doing yoga!'. Yes, Yoga makes me love a very important person, myself! and I can love back dearly. I want to share yoga with friends, family and strangers... the benefits , this feeling of feeling good after a yoga session. I am a proud mother of three beautiful  children and as a qualified yoga teacher I am committed to my daily practice so that my teaching is always up to date. Education through yoga  is caring for the development of our entire own being.

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